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SPECTRUM is a suite of easy to use policy models which provide policymakers with an analytical tool to support the decision making process.

SPECTRUM consists of several software models including:

  • DemProj: Demography
  • FamPlan: Family Planning
  • LiST: Lives Saved Tool (Child Survival)
  • AIM: AIDS Impact Model
  • Goals: Cost and impact of HIV Intervention
  • Resource Needs Module: Costs of implementing an HIV/AIDS program
  • RAPID: Resources for the Awareness of Population Impacts on Development
  • TIME: TB Impact Model and Estimates - Epidemiological and cost-effectiveness analysis of TB control strategies
  • Malaria: Impact of malaria interventions
  • STI: Estimation of burden and trends in Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • NCD: Non-communicable diseases and mental health, substance abuse, and neurological disorders

Most models are available in English, French, and Spanish. Some are also available in Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian

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Latest General Release for Windows

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AIM Releases:

Final versions used for the generation of global HIV estimates for the respective year.

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Detailed instructions on how to use the software. Also includes sections on data sources, interpreting and using the results, a tutorial, and a description of the methodology.

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