The AIDS Impact Model (AIM) estimates key HIV indicators for a country or region. It includes output by age and sex for people living with HIV, new infections, AIDS deaths. mother-to-child transmission, ART coverage and more.
The sub-national viewer is intended to allow easy review of sub-national HIV estimates produced by the Naomi model.
A platform to assist with PrEP program planning, monitoring, and evaluation.
The purpose of the Goals Testing Model is to estimate the most cost-effective testing strategies in each country to attain the goal of at least 90% of PLHIV knowing their status.
Provide decision-makers with improved resources to estimate the costs of HIV and tuberculosis (TB) programs. This initiative, the Global Health Cost Consortium (GHCC), is a three-year project, launching in January 2016.
A critical gap in the arsenal needed for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment planning is a centralized source of intervention costing data that is easily accessible to policy analysts, country officials and implementing organizations. This Unit Cost Repository for HIV Prevention and Treatment Interventions is intended to support the costing of national strategies, assist in Global Fund applications, identify opportunities for sustainability, and be used as an input to economic evaluations.
Two tools for assessing the productivity and efficiency of VMMC sites and A monitoring and planning tool that generates coverage estimates and target and impact projections for VMMC programs